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  J2EE Tools - Lightweight IDE for J2EE Version 1.4  


J2EE Tools features include:
  1. GUI with built-in help.
  2. Combined file and tools menus when directories and files right clicked.
  3. Built-in text editor with syntax highlighting (see Edit for details).
  4. Code metrics for Java files.
  5. Creates buildable, deployable and runnable stubs for J2EE files.
  6. Opens Java file containing error when compile and execute errors double clicked.
  7. Installs J2EE document and tutorial archive files, and J2EE tutorial examples.
  8. Logs J2EE commands invoked by GUI.
  9. Self-installing executable (Java archive file).
  10. Supports Windows and Linux with J2EE Version 1.3.1 or later.
  11. Comprehensive documentation for installing and using J2EE Tools.

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