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  J2EE Tools - Lightweight IDE for J2EE Version 1.3.1  


Exit J2EE Tools

  1. Click X in the top right corner of the J2EE Tools window.
Note: When using Windows 98 or Windows Me, verify that the MS-DOS Java window to the left of the J2EE Tools window on the Windows taskbar closes when you exit J2EE Tools. This doesn't happen if the Java task for the J2EE server didn't end when you stopped the server. To avoid further problems, close the MS-DOS Java window before restarting J2EE Tools:
  1. Press the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys.
  2. Click the Java task at the bottom of the Close Program window.
  3. Click End Task in the Close Program window.
  4. Click End Task in the Java popup dialog.

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