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  Edit - Lightweight Text Editor  


Edit features include:
  1. GUI with built-in help.
  2. Tabs for editing multiple files in same window.
  3. No file size limit.
  4. No undo and redo edit limit.
  5. Line numbers.
  6. Word wrapping.
  7. Automatic indenting.
  8. Selects text in group.
  9. Converts text to upper and lowercase.
  10. Indents and unindents block of text.
  11. Finds and replaces text.
  12. Ends lines with return, newline or return and newline.
  13. Syntax highlighting for Java files.
  14. Code metrics for Java files.
  15. Prints files.
  16. Browses HTML files.
  17. Tools menu when embedded in Java Tools.
  18. Self-installing executable (Java archive file).
  19. Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS with JRE Version 1.3.1 or later.
  20. Comprehensive documentation for installing and using Edit.

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