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  Android Tools - Lightweight IDE for Android  


  1. Windows cannot open this file appears in a Windows dialog when you double click the InstallAndroidTools.jar file in the My Computer window.

    1. The Java SE Runtime Environent isn't installed on your computer. Download and install the latest version of the Java SE Runtime Environment (see Edit Download and Install Java Runtime Environment).
    2. The Java archive file type isn't registered on your computer. Register the Java archive file type (see Edit Troubleshooting Problems).
  2. Unknown command wscript appears in an Error dialog when you click Uninstall or Install in the Install Android Tools window.
    Windows Script Host isn't installed on your computer. Download and install Windows Script Host Version 5.6 (see Download Windows Script Host).
  3. The Android Tools windows doesn't appear when you double click the Android Tools shortcut on the Windows desktop.
    Android Tools isn't installed properly on your computer. Redownload and install Android Tools (see Download and Install Android Tools).
  4. You don't know what the editor window navigation keys are.
    See Edit Navigation Keys.

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